Digital and Social Media: What are the effects in our Society?


The role of technology and social media has a big impact now to our daily lives, due to the fact that we cannot live anymore without our gadgets or devices. In terms of communication, business and education, how does it affect us?


We are now in the era of new technology conscious society. Users can install free apps to call, video call and chat to stay connected. It is becoming the most and effective means of communication despite being in different locations. The worse scenario of digital in which  research and studies have proven how excessive use of gadgets and technologies leads to addiction-like screen addiction and another problem of  attachment style called insecure attachment

The interaction of face to face and the quality of interpersonal communication has decreases especially the millennial generations. The digital divide a very distinct generational gap between those who were raised in a time where social media is not yet available.


The fuel of Knowledge economy, according to Stephen Blackman principal economist at Natwest ” Business needs to have information to deliver what customer wants”.If they want to know more about the product people will start to check first the company’s social media profile. According to  Metcalfe’s Law, the more people use something, the more the people’s participation. An online business using e-commerce is growing significantly. In which negative or positive reviews and feedbacks are uncontrollable.


Changing the game of education by using e-learning system tools in most schools. My general source of research and works is through the web and yes it really helps me to acquire informations. Interactivity the role in a problem solving encountered frequently in everyday activity especially for students and we interact with resources in which we called interactive technology. But most often this interaction leads to distraction and the disadvantages of guiding to unreliable resources.

The issues of online harassment and cyberbullying have been the most cases in school globally. 


In Summary, social media and technology have a positive and negative impact on our society.  In terms of communication, we need to find a balance between real life and social media. Finding alternatives such as activities and social gatherings can make a big change to don’t miss out genuine real-time connection within ourselves and to the people around us. If we talk about business, the only changes the business owners should do is to constantly be updated for the new trends, and be ahead of the curve to avoid bankruptcy. In school, being responsible use of technology and the internet can make a lot of difference. To share and spread a campaign of awareness for such issues will manage the concerns. Overall, we can still make a big change to a better life in this modern world.

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